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Bhatt AM, Tripathi RS, Moran KR, Papadimos TJ. Dermal tattooing following intravenous methylene blue for refractory hypotension after coronary artery bypass grafting. OPUS 12 Scientist 2012;6(1):11.
Stawicki SPA, Papadimos TJ, Bahner DP. Evidence tables: transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) in acute pulmonary embolism. OPUS 12 Scientist 2011;(5)2:13-16.*publication was in December 2012, although citation says 2011
Leskovan JJ, Justiniano CF, Bach J, Cook CH, Lindsey DE, Eiferman D, Papadimos TJ, Steinberg SM, Bergese SD, Stawicki SPA, Evans DC. Anion gap as a predictor of trauma outcomes in the older trauma population: correlations with injury severity and mortality. Accepted for publication in The American Surgeon.
Awad H, Abas M, Elgharably H, Tripathi R, Theofilos T, Bhandary S, Sai-Sudhakar C, Sen CK, Roy S. Endogenous opioids in wound-site neutrophils of sternotomy patients. PLoS ONE 2012;7(10):e47569.
Tulman DB, Tripathi RS, Abel EA, Papadimos TJ. Cardiac cachexia and the aged: death by water, wind, earth, and fire. J Am Geriatr Soc 2012 Oct;60(10):1999-2000.
Prabhakaran S, Doraiswamy VA, Nagaraja V, Cipolla J, Marchigiani R, Evans DC, Lindsey DE, Seamon MJ, Kavuturu S, Gerlach AT, Jaik NP, Eiferman DS, Papadimos TJ, Adolph M, Cook CH, Stawicki SPA. Nasoenteric tube complications. Scand J Surg 2012;101(3):147-155.
Firstenberg MS, Tripathi RS, Grose NA, Abel E, Peters SB, Papadimos TJ. Calciphylaxis following coronary artery bypass surgery: an underappreciated cause of wound complications? Heart Surg Forum 2012 Aug;15(4):E218-220.
Tulman DB, Stawicki SP, Papadimos TJ, Murphy CV, Bergese SD. Advances in management of acute hypertension: a concise review. Discov Med 2012 May;13(72):375-383.
Evans DC, Cook CH, Christy JM, Murphy CV, Gerlach AT, Eiferman D, Lindsey DE, Whitmill ML, Papadimos TJ, Beery PR, Steinberg SM, Stawicki SPA. Comorbidity-polypharmacy scoring facilitates outcome prediction in older trauma patients. J Am Geriatr Soc 2012 Aug;60(8):1465-1470.
Justiniano CF, Evans DC, Cook CH, Eiferman DS, Gerlach AT, Beery PR 2nd, Lindsey DE, Saum GE, Murphy CV, Miller SF, Papadimos TJ, Steinberg SM, Stawicki SP. Comorbidity-polypharmacy score: A novel adjunct in post-emergency department trauma triage. J Surg Res 2012 May [epub ahead of print].
Vandse R, Kothari DS, Tripathi RS, Lopez L, Stawicki SP, Papadimos TJ. Negative pressure pulmonary edema with laryngeal mask airway use: recognition, pathophysiology, and treatment modalities. International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science 2012 May-Aug;2(2):98-103.
Dalton RE, Tripathi RS, Abel EE, Kothari DS, Firstenberg MS, Stawicki SP, Papadimos TJ. Polyneuropathy and myopathy in the elderly. HSR proceedings in Intensive Care and Cardiovascular Anesthesia 2012;4(1):15-19.
Firstenberg MS, Galloway J, Abel E, Papadimos TJ, Burcham P, Mast D, Tripathi RS. Extra-corporeal circulatory support: a resurgence of a life saving therapy in the digital information age. Surgery: Current Research 2011 Dec;1e103.
Dalton RE, Tripathi RS, Abel RE, Kothari DS, Firstenberg MS, Stawicki SP, Papadimos TJ. Understanding critical illness polyneuropathy/myopathy and the aged: a concise overview. HSR proceedings in Intensive Care Medicine & Cardiovascular Anesthesia 2011;3(4).
Tripathi RS, Blum JM, Papadimos TJ, Rosenberg AL. A bibliometric search of citation classics in anesthesiology. BMC Anesthesiology 2011 Dec;11(1):24.
Tripathi RS, Stein EJ, Crestanello J, Papadimos TJ. High-frequency oscillatory ventilation after cardiac surgery: a treatment for all ages. Crit Care 2012 Jan;16:405. 

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